Finally An SEO Tool That Wont Break The Bank

IMSlave Will Get Your Website The Ranking IT Deserves And More

Built With You In Mind Making It Easy To Use Yet Very Powerful.

From The Desk Of John Wilson:


Dear Fellow Internet Marketers,

Are you tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars on the “world’s greatest money making machine”…when it’s only a small piece of the real money making machine ?

It’s time you realized…you are the money making machine – and your time is money!

Like you, I was spending all this money, wasting hour after hour trying to get my websites highly ranked, in order to get some of the wealth bringing traffic, and after spending thousands of dollars on mediocre software, I realized I would only ever achieve mediocre results.

So I studied what the number one sites were doing in my niches…at first I used a handy little program that told me who was in the top ten…how many back links they had – and from where…and started to realize…

It’s not the quantity of back links they had…but the quality - that got them to page ONE!

I also understand, that not everyone has the time or experience, to sit there and work out what their competitors have done to get ahead in the game – reverse engineer it – and have the time to start over – doing the same thing they do to gain Google’s respect…and even if they did…they were always going to be one step behind…trying to catch up.

So I committed to make the IMSlave software for myself – and my customers – giving them the time to concentrate on their business – while knowing their websites are being expertly ranked. This became a very lucrative business – I had clients cuing up at the door, but there was only just me!

Put it this way…if you supplied pens, and you had a client ring up asking for 50k pens – you would call up your supplier, and order 50k pens – job done!

But – say you were a masseuse, and word got out how good you were…then you had 50k people wanting their massage from YOU alone – and you couldn’t handle all of them – they might get rubbed the wrong way… and you would be rubbed out – right ?

My Solution ?

Put a system in place that removes you from the machine – and still does the same job!

I created a piece of software that would not only do the work for me, but also made sure every aspect of SEO was done – and done well.

It Was My Eureka Moment!

I’m no longer a slave to internet marketing…my software does it all…and saves me hours of work at my desk.

Introducing…‘IMSlave’ -



IMSlave will do what needs doing some you may have heard of and some you might not, if you get it right your site will get bombarded by numbers of visitors you have only ever dreamed of, did you know over a million people a day join the internet around the globe, Don’t you want your website in front of these people.

Have you heard enough? are you a leader or do you wait till everyone else gives it ago before you try ? the difference between poor people and rich people is rich people act !!


Ok so you want to know more…


IMSlave Will…

  •  Organize Your SEO Efforts
  • Get Your New Website Indexed Within Hours
  • Send Your Website Racing For Page One
  • Save You Hours Upon Hours Of Repetitive Work
  • Find You New Fresh Content To Use
  • Publish Your Content For You
  • Create Public Bookmarks
  • Create Thousands Of Back Links On Auto Pilot
  • Create Social Back Links
  • Tell Search Engines Where To Find Your Back Links
Imagine There Being 20 of you all working hard to get your site found for that special high traffic keyword you have been after for so long, Imagine no more because IMSlave does all this for you, and won’t stop for tea breaks.

IMSlave will drive hordes of quality traffic to your site and more traffic means more money.

This Is The Main Menu, Easy To Navigate And Very Easy To Use

Every option in IMSlave has been designed so it’s straight forward and easy to use, unlike other software you don’t need a degree in rocket science to use it, you simply go from each menu option to the next one.

Below I will explain how each option works and what it will do for your site.

Getting New Content

Getting new content has never been easier, you no longer have to slave away over new articles IMSlave will find you relevant article to your keywords, It then rewrites them so they are unique meaning you can then post them out again as your own pieces of work, this will allow you to save at least an hour a day from creating new content.

Each article you scrap and spin will be saved for future use and can be submitted any time you like using the IMSlave Content Poster.

 Posting Your New Content

IMSlave Will post your articles for you, each and every article you have either from the scraper in step 1 will be posted out to the article directories and there are over 150 new article directories being created every week, each one providing two useful services, one being a back link for your website, and two people looking for useful information on for there own websites will need content so they take your articles from the directories and put them on there website, We want them to do this because with IMSlave you have put your website link in the article, and now you have another back link on there website.


Utilizing The Tremendous Power Of  The WEB 2.0 Websites

You maybe wondering what a web 2.0 website is, let me explain, websites used to only have content on that the owner had created making the older sites quite static once you had been you rarely went back unless the owner was an active content creator. but now we have social websites that are known as user generated which means the sites content is all from the people that actually visit the website, this became know and the second generation of the internet and these sites are called web 2.0 sites.

The search engines love these sites and hold them in great respect, we can leverage this respect towards our own sites by putting a link on them pointing to our sites, the search engines constantly scan these sites to check for new content and it will see a link to your site and your site gets a tick.

IMSlave can visit each of these sites for you and put your sites link on them automatically and very quickly, every time you add any new pages to your site or a new post on your blog you want to create a new back link and tell the world you have added something, this will do that for you.


Social Bookmarking

Not everyone has heard of social bookmarking, it’s not something people think about doing, but it does have a massive following and has some great uses you probably use bookmarks in your web browser all the time to save website you visit so you can visit again in the future, well that progressed to going online and saving you bookmarks online so you could access them anywhere, then that went to social bookmarking where you save your bookmarks online but you also share them with other people, you give them a rating and a small description, so others that might be interested in the site you have found.

IMSlave uses this to your advantage by submitting rating and putting your description on these sites for you, every time you want to tell the world about your new post or page or new site even, IMSlave will do all this for you, letting people and the search engines find your new and exciting content.

Telling The World Wide Web All About It

The Famous IMSlave Pinger, one of our most effective tools we have ever created, this tool has been used in our business for years, it’s the tool that makes all the other tools so powerful, I hear you ask how. The IMSlave Site Pinger lets you world know you have a back Link the other tools are fantastic time saving programs no question about it.

But it’s no good letting the search engines find your back links on their own we have to give them a little helping hand and this tools is perfect for doing just that, Let me explain how.

IMSlave Site Pinger will take all the back links you have created with all the other tools in the IMSlave SEO Suite and do a little search on the countless index websites that are out on the web, this then tells these smaller index sites that there is a back link pointing to your site and they like this, because they are building there indexes the same as the major search engines are, the major search engines will visit these smaller sites to see what they have found and bingo they find your Back Links.

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It, Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say

“My First Automated Tool And Wow”

Hello John and co, I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for bringing this tool into my life, I have never used any form of automation in my SEO work in fact I have never really understood SEO and why I needed it for my business website, no wonder it was never found for any of the services I provide.

Big thanks to you I now have people ringing me every day from my site, your customers are going to love this product, and I still can’t get over how easy it was just doing things properly gets you results.


Mike Jones


“What An Amazing Effect It’s Had”

Normally I wouldn’t try automated software because I just don’t understand how they work but my son told me about IMSlave and if he thinks it’s good then it must be (He is an Internet Marketer), So I have followed the steps and watched my site go shooting up from page 6 to page 2 over the last couple of days, I will let you know when I get number 1 Spot on Google.

I have passed on your site to a couple of friends I’m sure they will appreciate this great tool as much as I have, thank you john

Alan Jones


“I Have Just Cancelled My SeNuke Monthly Membership”

Hello John

I can’t believe how lucky I have been to find IMSlave I’m nearly at the end of the month for my SeNuke membership and finding your software is a god send, I can now do everything SeNuke was doing for less that my monthly fee, that’s fantastic you have saved me a fortune.

Let me know if your bringing any more tools out that will save me the monthly fee’s I am paying.

- Justin King


“Watching My Site Jumping Up The Ranks Has Never Been So Exciting”

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for creating this software, I have a website that is in a very competitive niche and my site has never been so high in the ranks, we have seen an increase in customers like never before and Its all down to a simple little programme, I couldn’t believe it and now I’m counting the days until we are number 1 on Google just by doing seo the right way, I always thought it was just get as many backlinks as you can, now I understand what we have been doing wrong.

I have been anything to get backlinks but I never thought about getting highly ranked sites that were relevant to my site just any backlink will do mentality but by using IMSlave I realised what I was doing wrong, and after just a couple of days I noticed my site moving up the search results, and I love the indexer tool, don’t let Google find your links by accident shine a whopping great big search light on them, that’s brilliant, we have had an increase in people looking for miss sold PPI claims help, and I feel it’s all done to your software.

Let me buy you a drink some time.

- David Miller

“IMSlave Link Blaster”

We have been selling our Link Blaster Pro for over a year now and have had 100% customer satisfaction, This powerful little tool retails at $97 but as a thank you for purchasing IMSlave So Suite we are including this stand-alone software in the deal.

With over 30,000 index sites this software will on its own build massive amounts of back links and instantly give your site a boost.


  • 30,000 index sites pinged
  • Instant Back Links
  • Will Get A Brand New Site Indexed
  • Provides Hours Of Time Saving SEO Work

“IMSlave Book Vault”

As a second bonus I would like to offer our ‘IMSlave Book Vault’ again we have had this handy little tool on the market for over a year and have only ever had great feedback.

The Book Vault will keep all your eBooks organized and tagged for easy access forever more, with this tool you can tag each book and never have to go searching again.


  • Keep All Your Download Or Created eBooks Safe
  • Add Tags So You Can See Related Books
  • Index Your Books In Topics And Subjects
  • Add Other Files And Documents You Want Keeping Safe

“IMSlave’s SEO Guide”

We understand not everyone on the internet automatically knows what SEO is and how to get more people to their website, so we sat down and put together a guide for those, who aren’t experts in the field, This guide explains the process’ and methods used on the internet today in order to get your website up on the first page of the search engines.

The guide shows you how, what and why and you will see how much time you’re saving by using IMSlave, This is just another thank you for buying IMSLave


  • Learn What SEO is
  • Learn How To Create Back Links
  • Learn Why You Need Back Links
  • Learn The Methods The Experts Use

“100% Money Back Guarantee”

I’m so sure our software will do all I have said it will and more that I’m willing to take all the risk, I guarantee that if you’re not satisfied after using it I will give you back 100% of your money and you can keep the bonus software and SEO guide on me.

I know some people will give the software a try enjoy the results but still ask for the money back, But I’m not bothered, to protect my genuine customers I’m happy to provide this guarantee, because I know my genuine customers won’t need to use it.

This gives you 2 weeks to try the software out and make sure your completely happy with your purchase, and if your not satisfied simply let me know and I will refund you 100% of your money.


Only $157

One Time Payment – Instant Access!

Instant Download – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Cards and PayPal
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

The Small Print (please read it)


None of the websites or companies mentioned or used in the IMSlave Website, Software or Guide is associated, endorses or sponsors IMSlave nor have they reviewed, tested or certified.

License Policy:

The license purchased cannot be used on multiple machines at the same time and is locked to a pc on verification of the keys.

Any attempt to hack / digitally modify the licenses or share license information on black hat sites and forums will result in the license being banned and in such cases no refunds will be given. When the software is purchased it is accepted that you understand this policy and will abide by this policy.

Refund Policy:

All sales of products are final and are non-refundable (outside of the refund period as detailed above). By completing your purchase through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective scripts, software or other products purchased from us, within a period of 60 days from the date of sale. Support for technical problems is available for the lifetime of the product.

Yours Sincerely

John Wilson

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